Puzzled Tweeters

Here are some of the Sunderland Social Media students who are using Twitter. Follow us and add your name in a comment.
























23 Responses to Twitter

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  2. Diane Green says:


  3. Sofia Malik says:


  4. alisha sheikh waleed says:

    please add alishawaleed

  5. Dear says:

    my twitter name is TMDear

  6. Nadia Malik says:


  7. Shaun Dix says:

    MAC114 – @deltaindiaxray

  8. tosin bamigboye says:


  9. Chris Fryatt says:


  10. Amy Lockhart says:

    @Amy_Lockhart – Mac 299 student

  11. Christopher McKee says:


  12. Carrie Harpley says:


  13. Laura Symonds says:


  14. Jennifer Scullion says:


  15. Shelley McGrath says:


  16. PR student. Facbook account: Marisa Oudnie. Twitter account: @marisaoudnie89

  17. leni says:

    how can i follow you on twitter???

  18. Nene Chikere says:

    @DramaQueen0589 – MAC 114

  19. Lou Xiao says:

    BA media , culture and communication student.
    Twitter: zeddsam

  20. Hannah Dudeck says:


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