Week 12: Beginning of the end…

Well, you have nearly made it to the end of your social media module!

Congratulations – I hope it’s been fun as well as informative!

This week as well as having a good look at each others’ blogs/ web presences we are also going to look back at what we have learnt. Whether you studied #mac114, #mac299 or #mapr, you will have explored a similar range of key concepts, many of which are mentioned in a post by Online PR author David Phillips, Anatomy of News.

You will also have appreciated both that social media and online technolgies are having a significant and ongoing impact on the practice of public relations and journalism, and that the way only way to begin to understand these changes is to explore and build your own online experience.

Along the way you will have realised that mastering these skills and understanding how they relate to your chosen discipline can be a real advantage when you move into the highly competitive job market!

We have talked a lot about Twitter, and I think most of you have realised there is more value to  tweeting than you first thought. The experience of Jemima Khan is just one episode that illustrates the issues surrounding privacy that have been a recurrent theme of our sessions; the change in relationships between footballers (such as @rioferdy5 and @therealmichaelowen) and fans was another area of interest.

I will spend some of the summer working with David Phillips to update Online Public Relations, partly because so many of the technologies have changed since we completed the second edition over two years ago, but also because our ideas have evolved, too. We believe that Today, All PR Is Online PR, but not everyone agrees, as you will see from the comments to this PR Conversations post!!!!  (I hope that following debate on sites like PR Conversations and Richard Bailey’s PR Studies is essential to understanding PR in 2011).

I want everyone to think a bit about the modules we are just completing and add a comment to this post. To jog your memory, here are a few topics we discussed,

Over to you….


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5 Responses to Week 12: Beginning of the end…

  1. lenikalemi says:

    The truth is that through the Social media module we learned more things about PR or actually what today’s PR really is. The most exciting thing in this module, is that I had the chance to develop my communications skills, and creating my own Blog I realized the high importance of identifying the group you want to target and to work upon it.
    To be honest I really enjoyed this module and I strongly recommend it to other students, and especially to those who to PR.


  2. The module has taught me a lot about not only Social Media but also the involvement of SM within PR. It has also helped teach me a variety of methods which can be utilised in any PR campaign to not only enhance the quality but also to evaluate said campaign. I have also built a lot of interesting relationships with people in the PR and Marketing world via Social Media platforms which will undoubtedly help me in the future.

  3. During this module I have been taught the importance of how social media will have an impact on the PR industry. Throughout the process I have seen numerous material that I believe has helped me understand the importance of social media. Whilst researching for my own blog I realised the amount of methods that can be used when planning and evaluating a campaign.

    Out of my fellow student companions the blogs that interested me the most was that of Bryce Wilcock (http://bryceproclaimation.wordpress.com) and Olan Ahern (http://prblabber.wordpress.com/). What I enjoyed the most from Bryce’s blog was the amount of information that was provided and the research that he done made the blog very readable. As for Olan his untraditional style to blogging interested me and I found his blog to be rather humorous and enjoyed reading his perspective on certain subjects.

  4. Hannah Dudeck says:

    I really enjoyed the Social Media module and I learned a lot about how to use social media. It was quite challenging for me to get my blog started because I never did something like that before. I wasn’t that familiar with all these social media tools before, because it is not that big in Germany yet. But now I feel a lot more confident with my social media skills and I really enjoyed writing the blog in the end. It was also very inspriring to read through all the blogs and to see what everyone else has done so far. I think everyone did a very good job.

  5. Jamilahmusic says:

    I really feel as though this module has benefited me. I took MAC114 in first year and im glad I chose to take it again this year. It has helped me develop a lot of skills, as well as the confidence to reach out to and talk to PR professionals on many different social media platforms. I am really looking forward to your new book also, as I defiantly agree with the the statement ‘All PR is online PR’.

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