QR, AR, 4sq and @wadds

No, the headline is not an April Fool…

Today we welcome the return of Stephen Waddington (@wadds) to the Media Centre for a masterclass in how social media integrates into a range of PR and communications strategies. It is going to be good!

We are also going to think about how various applications that are loosely based around geolocation are opening up new areas for communications, marketing and journalism.

One of the key elements of public relations is to add layers of meaning. It is about creating and, importantly, making available content that explains an organisation, and its products and services. The more ways in which a stakeholder can connect positively to an organisation the stronger and more rewarding the relationship will be. Often this means telling the story in richer and more imaginative ways, adding detail, nuance … and surprise.

Let’s start by thinking for a moment about Augmented Reality, which can be seen as adding extra data around a subject. Here is a the simplest intro I could find

UPDATE: This is better…

Then let’s glimpse a version of the near future.

This may or may not be what is around the corner, but it does bring to life the notion of an “Internet of Things” that further blurs the boundaries between objects, tools and platforms. Think about the interactive map of Manhattan that recognises the woman’s language and provides tailored content. Is creating the content for a the guide that much different from writing a news release? Well. yes… But no!

Then take a look a walk around New York’s Central Park, and start thinking about QR codes.

Now, do some more research into either QR codes, FourSquare (discussed in some detail by Brian Solis), Facebook Places or Google maps, and (MAC114) be ready to make a small presentation about how one of these could be applied to either your blog, your type of journalism or for a client for whom you may go on to work.

One of my favourite maps and data mash-ups is still the Cincinnati Cincinnavigator. Click on dog licences, find the Doberman and then overlay burglaries!


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