Influence in the Age of Social Media

Hope everyone enjoyed watching and blogging about The Social Network (annoyingly the dog must have eaten the emails and comments in which you alerted me to your posts!).

I was in Lisbon last week for the Euprera Spring Symposium, which included a challenging presentation by Philip Sheldrake.

You would also have enjoyed contributions from Leeds Met student and Wolfstar intern Clare Callery and Martin Höfelmann, one of the talented individuals behind the Hannover PR Students blog. Martin, one of the winners of the EuroBlog Social Media Awards, explained that when he and his colleagues got frustrated by the lack of up to date social media content in their programme they decided the best way forward was to set up a blog through which they could teach themselves!

And if you are feeling brave, you can read my thoughts on a statement by one of Anne Gregory’s MA students, that “PR is about changing reality.” They were right…


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