The Social Network: Your Challenge

This week everyone will be watching The Social Network …. and everyone will be writing about The Social Network.

It is up to you what you write, but you must add something inspired by the film to your blog and you must add a comment to this post giving the link before your next lecture. (If you are doing MAC114 and there is a compelling reason why such a post would clash with the theme of your blog you can make your contribution as a comment here).

How you write about the film is entirely up to you. Try to be imaginative! You can do a straightforward film review but bear in mind it is has been out a little while so finding something fresh to say might be tricky. Maybe you could look at internet commentary surrounding issues it generates. Maybe you could pick up a line of dialogue, and expand on a theme.

To give you a start, here are some reflections from our friend in America, Karen Russell, which she called The Social Network: Or What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You.

Go on, surprise us!




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4 Responses to The Social Network: Your Challenge

  1. Thanks for the link, Philip. I’m going to look forward to reading your students’ opinions of the movie.

  2. Lyndsey Sara says:

    I have just completed my post on The Social Network on my blog, Pinocchio Public Relations.

    Karen your post was very insightful and helped me alot to understand the film more, thank you.

    Lyndsey Sara

  3. Hannah Dudeck says:

    You can find my post about “The Social Network” here:

    Hannah Dudeck

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