Mmm…. What shall I write about?

We are going to spend some time over the next few weeks looking at content creation. In many ways there is nothing more important to a successful blog/ online presence than relevant, useful, informative, engaging, accessible content. It’s that easy!

Although there exceptions to all rules, it is very likely that a successful blog is clearly focused. Visitors will only get into the habit of returning to read what you want them to read if they have a clear idea of what to expect from your blog. Help them by including a brief (upbeat) description of what they can expect. Back this up with a strong about page.

They may follow your blog for many reasons, but chief among them are likely to be relevance of topic, freshness of information, and a distinctive writing style or world view.

There a thousands and thousands of blogs out there so you have to find a niche. It would be very hard for you to write the definitive blog covering the latest breaking news from Real Madrid, Apple or L’Oreal but you could be first with news about a university society or interest group.

If you do want to cover popular topic – say films – you must develop an identifiable voice, and probably a framing device that gives you a head start. (I heard a radio interview with someone who was watching a horror film every day for a year – that would give shape to his blog!).

#mapr and #mac299 who must concentrate on communications issue and address them in a way which might appeal to a potential employer will have to think a little harder about ways in which they can tie together content. One perspective might be topicality (what is trending with the PR twitterati?), or another might be a sharp focus on a particular tightly-defined group. Writing about Real Madrid would be hard but you may be able to build a narrative around the online presence of Sunderland AFC. Likewise you could adopt a ‘list’ or series approach – challenge yourself to read and review the top ten social media textbooks! – or interview key players etc.

Here are some posts you might find helpful:

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UPDATE: And here are some more student bloggers you might find interesting (thanks @KarenRussell).



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  1. You encouraged me to think about why (and how) I read blogs – and especially student blogs. If it helps:

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