Click here if you are bored in a lecture…

Female managers say glass ceiling intact – survey + PR – It’s A Woman’s World

Facebook in 1976

Deloitte State of the Media Democracy Survey, Fifth Edition

March of the Twitter Parade


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2 Responses to Click here if you are bored in a lecture…

  1. Carly Dove says:

    I found the We Are the Future video really off putting. I really wasn’t sure what to make of it. The children were speaking in the present, saying what they will be wanting and doing in the future, and using the adult ‘jargon’…it just didn’t seem right. It definitely didn’t get across the right point for me, but maybe that is because I am not the target audience. I would like to know what marketing professionals thought of it.

    In regards to the posts on women fighting the glass ceiling and women in PR…
    I read the same article on women still fighting the glass ceiling and I seem to every couple of years. I studied women’s history and politics as part of my undergraduate degree, and we focused quite a bit on the difficulties facing women in the workplace and the reasons as to why they continue to exist. Although women have come a long way, I still see us facing the same challenges we did back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, when women were mostly expected to fulfil their ‘duties’ by staying at home, doing what society deemed was the ‘womanly’ and ‘feminine’ thing to do. Many women have been conditioned to think, with societies gender constructs forced upon them, that they are best suited for certain positions, and may not even put themselves forward for positions in tech PR for example, or top level positions. I think some feel pressure after having children that they shouldn’t throw themselves back into work in order to get to the top, or feel they should instead focus on family (a construct we have always placed on women). Of course I’m not saying all women feel this way, and there are so many other facets to the argument, but my point is that while we continue to place constructs, and therefore stereotypes, on both women and men, certain biases will stay in place, and I fear this glass ceiling will never truly be broken.

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