Time to start to blogging!

For some of you today is the day when you set up your first blog!

Hopefully you will all come to your #mac114 or #mac299 class ready to show the rest of us your favourite personal web sites… (If that every hungry dog of yours ate your homework, a short cut might be to look at the Independent’s list of the Top 100 Twitterers, look at the profiles of people who interest you and see if they also have a blog or personal site).

You will also start to bookmark and follow some useful PR and journalism sites. Naturally, we will begin with our own Journalism & PR at Sunderland.

Here are a couple of PR academics who I read and learn from every day.

Richard Bailey teaches at Leeds Met. As well as running an excellent personal site, PR Studies and a class blog, he also oversees the PR magazine Behind the Spin.

Karen Russell teaches at the University of Georgia and runs Teaching PR. Why not follow her students on Twitter?

There is some great stuff out there,but keeping up with it can be a challenge. So now it is time to set up a Google Reader account…

Finally, via Chris Rushton, evidence that businesses do read young bloggers: Spanish fashion (Zara) chain scraps T-shirts after bloggers complain Fashion bloggers said Inditex group, which owns Zara, copied photographs from the internet to use on T-shirt designs.


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20 Responses to Time to start to blogging!

  1. Paige Mullin says:

    Looking at some of the student blogs, I found the above interesting. I thought it was relevant and had a good sense of humour, it was interesting to read.

  2. Amy Lockhart says:

    Out of all the PR student blogs that we looked at in Mac 299 the three I would shortlist are:

    http://claresiobhanpr.wordpress.com/- This blog was really professional looking and had some great posts.

    http://r-everard-pr.blogspot.com/- From looking at this blog, I found there was something really likeable about Rosie, which made me want to read the post on her blogs.

    http://www.fly-bypr.blogspot.com/ – The banner at the top of this blog was completely different to anything I’d seen before. Because the blog stood out it made me want to find out more about the author and their views and opinions.

  3. Sarah Hepworth says:

    Deciding who to interview based on PR blogs. Here’s my top three…
    http://claresiobhanpr.wordpress.com/ – This is humorous and easy to read, whilst staying informative and entertaining. Shows experience and commitment to the PR industry.
    http://brypieee.wordpress.com/http:// – Straight to the point, entertaining topics and issues. Neat layout and colours.
    http://r-everard-pr.blogspot.com/ – Short and digestible blog posts, but still interesting. However, not too sure about using the word ‘Bloggamajig’!

  4. Jamilah Hassan says:

    Just browsed through some of the student blog’s listed on ‘PR Studies’. I really liked ‘Bryony Czujko’s blog. If I were an employer, I would definitely ask her to an interview. The tone is upbeat and enthusiastic and the layout made it easy to read . I really enjoyed it.

    I also liked ‘Elena Dransfied’s blog. She seemed down to earth and quirky. The title of the blog was not something you would usually see, which is why I was so interested. I really liked her post on why she choose to do PR. From what she was saying, she came across as a hard worker eager for any challenge. I enjoyed it.


  5. LillyPad says:

    I have been browsing PR student blogs, looking at who I would interview…I short listed…http://brypieee.wordpress.com/ as it was really creative and gave me great inspriration for the layout of my communications blog.

    I also like the style of this blog, http://claresiobhanpr.wordpress.com/
    It had a great style of writing and was very informative, it was also professional and gave a great first impression.

    Last but not least, http://prgirl.co.uk…. as soon as I read the ‘About Me’ page on this blog, I automatically thought, ‘This girls got experience’. The simple layout made it easy on the eye and somewhat ‘fun’ to read.

    Lyndsey Sara Johnson

    • Hi Lyndsey,

      Thanks so much for mentioning my blog- I’m really glad you like it!

      Final year is affecting the amount of time I can spend on my blog a little bit but I’ll make sure to update it more often now I know that people are still reading!

      I really like the look of your blog by the way-great idea! I’ll add you to my blogroll later today 🙂

      Natalie x

  6. eddypr says:

    Looking at the PR studies student blogs, I would interview Bryony Czujko (http://brypieee.wordpress.com) Ines Alcobia (http://www.fly-bypr.blogspot.com) and Clare Siobhan Callery (http://claresiobhanpr.wordpress.com)

  7. shelleymcg says:

    I’ve just set up my blog with the address http://shelleymcg.wordpress.com

  8. chikerenene says:

    Just started my blog today and I’m excited!

  9. Hello, it’s an amazing time to create my first blog (http://tosinbamigboyepr.wordpress.com).

  10. LillyPad says:

    Hi guys from mac114, just browsing your new blogs and adding them to the blogroll from my first blog ….http://lyndseyj1990.wordpress.com/

    Have a look if your stuck for ideas on your blog, also have a look at my fellow students first blogs on the blogroll!

    Good Luck…
    Lyndsey 🙂

  11. brypieee says:

    Hey! Just thought I’d say thanks to the people who have said nice things about my blog 🙂 just goes to show that it’s worthwhile writing them, I had no idea they were being read ha!
    I’ll be reading all of yours too!
    Bry Czujko

  12. claresiobhanpr says:

    Wow, I didn’t expect my blog to get a feature in your class! So glad you all like my blog, it’s always reassuring to know people do enjoying reading my posts!

    It’s also fantastic that you’re all starting blogs too. It’s a fun way to improve your writing skills and attract employers. I’ll be sure to give them a read! 🙂



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  14. Ines Alcobia says:

    Hey everyone wow I’m so surprised to see my name on here!

    I was a bit bored and being silly decided to type my name on Google Blogs (as you do) to see if mine was the first one on the list.

    Then I saw this blog and the description on Google had my name on it and basically that’s how I came across this page.

    I often find my blog posts can be a bit lengthy because I usually find myself blogging about things I need to do for university AND I write as I speak!

    I’m definitely going to try and update the blog more often and add all of you 🙂

    PS. Thanks for the mentions guys really appreciate it @Eddy and @Amy

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