Why Teen Vogue loves bloggers

Please read a very informative interview with Sabine Feldmann, who is Vice President and Publisher of Teen Vogue, in which she explains the impact of social media on the way the magazines sources content and interacts with readers.

Here are a couple of Q&As it is worth thinking about…

How do you see social media, online creators and influencers shape up major fashion events like this one in the future?

This trend is bringing us closer to the Democratization of Fashion, by breaking down the barriers of exclusivity. User-generated content is no longer a gimmick, but a business—word of mouth has always been key for brands and marketers, and online social platforms have expanded the influence of one voice to hundreds of thousands. On the flip side, as an expert in the space Teen Vogue helps guide the conversation by providing a lens and filter for the expanding set of online content. With Fashion Click, we are credentialing fashion bloggers from around the globe under the halo of Teen Vogue, creating a daily-click hub for our readers.

What has been the greatest challenge for Teen Vogue in embracing digital and social media?

Digital platforms and social media are constantly moving mediums. To leverage them successfully, a brand needs to fully commit with content and platform strategies to engage consumers. With social media there’s a challenge in being able to grow as fast as the sphere itself, but embracing it has not been a challenge. We already have over 1MM fans/followers on the combined platforms of Facebook and Twitter, and growing rapidly.

Read the interview, read the blogs, and then think about how this is changing journalism and changing PR. MAC114s might also pick up tips on what makes a successful blog.





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