How to get paid PR placements

Today CIPR North East hosted an event at University of Sunderland Media Centre. It allowed BA and MA students to meet PR professionals and find out more about internships and government funded Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

CIPR North East chair Sally Keith (@fulbeck) spoke about the CIPR Workplace Charter, which gives a framework for what is expected of both students and employers in regards to work placements and internships. It provides a good starting point for students to negotiate pay, discuss what is expected of them and what the benefits are for the employer.

Lecturer Philip Young discussed online public relations, giving both a bit of the history and looking forward.

He compared talking about online PR to talking about colour television. You wouldn’t say that you are going home to watch colour television, you would just say television. Similarly, you would never say you do online public relations. Now all PR is online.

University business development manager Vince Robson explained the university internship schemes and the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

Currently the university has placed 108 graduates, with 75% securing long term employment after the 6 months internship ended. These placements are full time, in which graduates get real work experience for about £15,000 per year and more. KTP’s can provide up to £21,000 per year.

Details of how the schemes will work this summer are still being worked out but Vince told students to watch the university website for news.

MA student Sofia Malik thought the event was useful. “It let us meet various people already working in PR. It was interesting to get an impression of the money you can earn and the sort of jobs you can do.”

If you are interested in finding out more speak to Chris Rushton (

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9 Responses to How to get paid PR placements

  1. alisha sheikh waleed says:

    Great post. It’s good to know that there are opportunities out there that allow you to learn and work 🙂

  2. thanyaphornm says:

    It was very interesting issue, now we know what we can do for our future, can’t believe I missed it!!

  3. sofiamalikpr says:

    Interesting post! It is really nice to see all these information in a nutshell.

  4. Emily Colman says:

    I agree – a very useful session. It was great to meet you all.

  5. Chris Rushton says:

    What a great session! Thanks to all the PR professionals coming and contributing so much time to individual discussions with students. Thanks, too, to so many students for turning up. There was so much interest we had to turn quite a few students away.

    And, finally, thanks to Carly for putting up such a great post.

  6. Ian Benet says:

    A great little session and fantastic to see some old faces as well as all new eager ones.
    Impressed by the CIPR’s stance on internships and good to see Phil hasn’t altered his dry, witty delivery style. @benettooth

  7. NE Coach - Tyne & Wear says:

    I’m currently taking part in a shorter KTP at Tyne & Wear Sport. I did journalism at the University of Sunderland and now Philip Young is helping me with the promotion of our NE Coach – Tyne & Wear website. Not surprisingly he’s suggesting we launch a blog which he thinks we should call Come on, Coach! It would be great if you could look at it and come up with some suggestions for a better title but more importantly how to get people using NE Coach.

    Our social media strategy aims to help coaches find work and training opportunities and also put anyone who want to get involved in coaching in contact with the correct people.

    It would be great to hear from you especially if you do coaching yourselves. Do you think Spark FM would be interested?

  8. Pingback: Can we help NE Coachweb? | Puzzled ExPRession

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