Beware Your Web Shadow

One of the key things we will talk about this week is the importance of thinking carefully about how you use the internet. Modules including MAC114, MAC299 and MACM69 involve you putting your thoughts and ideas on public display. Remember, everything you post is part of your online reputation and may affect the way future employers view your job applications. Get your online presence right and it will significantly improve your chances of getting a really good job. Get it wrong and a careless, sloppy, or, worse, offensive web persona could cast a dark shadow over your future career.

The simple rule about doing anything online is this: If in doubt, don’t!

Lectures will include references to two very readable books:

Halpern, L & Murphy, R (2009) Personal Reputation Management: Making the Internet Work for You London: Halpern Cowan

Mayfield, A (2010) Me and My Web Shadow London: A&C Black

While you are thinking about how well you are managing your own online ‘brand’, have a look at this post from must-read blogger Stephen Waddington, What Makes a Good PR Graduate Recruit. If we are very lucky Stephen will come and talk to us before the end of this semester.


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2 Responses to Beware Your Web Shadow

  1. mediationsuk says:

    Stephen (@wadds) Waddington will give a guest lecture, 12noon, Friday 1. More details to follow – but be there!

  2. Thanks for the invitation Philip. Look forward to seeing you all on 1 April!

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