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Week 12: Beginning of the end…

Well, you have nearly made it to the end of your social media module!

Congratulations – I hope it’s been fun as well as informative!

This week as well as having a good look at each others’ blogs/ web presences we are also going to look back at what we have learnt. Whether you studied #mac114, #mac299 or #mapr, you will have explored a similar range of key concepts, many of which are mentioned in a post by Online PR author David Phillips, Anatomy of News.

You will also have appreciated both that social media and online technolgies are having a significant and ongoing impact on the practice of public relations and journalism, and that the way only way to begin to understand these changes is to explore and build your own online experience.

Along the way you will have realised that mastering these skills and understanding how they relate to your chosen discipline can be a real advantage when you move into the highly competitive job market!

We have talked a lot about Twitter, and I think most of you have realised there is more value to  tweeting than you first thought. The experience of Jemima Khan is just one episode that illustrates the issues surrounding privacy that have been a recurrent theme of our sessions; the change in relationships between footballers (such as @rioferdy5 and @therealmichaelowen) and fans was another area of interest.

I will spend some of the summer working with David Phillips to update Online Public Relations, partly because so many of the technologies have changed since we completed the second edition over two years ago, but also because our ideas have evolved, too. We believe that Today, All PR Is Online PR, but not everyone agrees, as you will see from the comments to this PR Conversations post!!!!  (I hope that following debate on sites like PR Conversations and Richard Bailey’s PR Studies is essential to understanding PR in 2011).

I want everyone to think a bit about the modules we are just completing and add a comment to this post. To jog your memory, here are a few topics we discussed,

Over to you….

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Is Social Media ruining students?

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Welcome back: Activism

Hope everyone enjoyed a productive Easter Break! I spent some time in Sweden with The Duffy Agency, and looked at some of their work for We Feedback, a very worthwhile campaign for the World Food Programme.

I also recorded an interview with Sean Duffy for the For Immediate Release podcast which explores some of the challenges surrounding using social media to project charitable activity.

This week we will look at other forms of activism, from protest and pressure groups to cyber attack and denial of service.

To get us started, here’s a good example of using a video to focus attention on a controversial cause.

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Google +1 = reputation boost?

Is this the future? )Part 3,456…)

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Getting noticed (with @wadds)

One of the many points you will have taken away from Stephen Waddington’s inspiring talk on Friday was the importance of networking and getting noticed.

We have all heard of LinkedIn, which a fortnight ago added its 100 millionth member (factsheet here), but Stephen also recommended About Me (start by watching the rather cheesy promo video).

Now have a look at how one of the very best connected social media communicators  Neville Hobson promotes himself…  No links – I think you can find him for yourself!

And finally….. A history lesson from the Doctor

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The PeRfect birthday party!

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